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Alternative Bleach
Another Reason
Alkaline Your Body


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Alternative Bleach

How to mix Alternative Bleach
4 Cups water
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
10 drops of Essante' Organics Lemon Oil
Let set for 15 minutes


Sunshine TM is a 100% certified Toxic Free immune enhancing self tanning and bronzing lotion that delivers a truly healthy golden glow.  Chicory Root is the organic ingredient that activates the skin's own Vitamin D Receptors, which help improve over all immunity while delivering a dazzling, tanner skin tone in 3 to 10 days.  Results are cumulative & it can be used daily. 
Sunshine TM is a freshly scented, rich, creamy, white, hydrating lotion for the skin.  Now everyone can enjoy Sunshine TM without the trouble.

Another Reason

Here is just Another Reason to "Simply Switch Stores" to Essante' Organics --.  The 1st and "Only 100% Chemical Free & Certified Organic Living Company in the World - focusing on LIVE RAW WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION -- INSIDE & OUT!  Essante' Organics has a Entire 100% Chemical Free & Certified Organic Personal Care Line for you Entire Family!!!  Isn't it About Time You Try Living 100% Chemical Free ???  because NOW you can!!!  Transfer buy starting now and throw away your chemical products to no chemical products.  Shop online with your own store.  If you need help call me or email me.

Alkaline Your Body

Organic Earth Greens are a powerful blend of Organic grasses, vegetables, sprouts, leaves & high frequency minerals which provide whole body nutrition, plus they assist in alkalizing, energizing & nourishing your cells.  Organically alkaline, Essante Earth Greens natural plant ingredients neutralize acid & put the body's back to its ideal more alkaline state.

Be Well Bee Natural

Why should we alkalize our body

Listen to video
SPECIAL OFFER:  Waiving the website membership  fee of 29.95 if you purchase a value pack of $199.00 or $499.00.  If purchase your price will be $170.00 or 470.00.  Check my website for the different packages   Special ends  Sept 30   So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR
This could be a start to have your own store of 100% certified organic products to shop online only or if you like to own your business to earn extra money !


TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH:  The bottom line is until you know what, you will never understand why!  We are on a mission to teach people what we have learned about staying healthy in today's overburdened toxic world.  We are offering free educational classes to help people who want to know what and how.  There is so much you can do to stay well.  According to the American Cancer Society, 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will develop cancer.  You don't have to be a statistic!

Dirty Secrets in Skincare Products

Please watch this video and share it with others.  There are a TON of ingredients in your everyday products being discussed that are VERY HARMFUL to our body.   Everyday  these chemicals are building up inside and outside your body and your children.   


Are you ready to switch to chemical free products.
Essante' Organics commitment to quality is paramount.  We hold the highest sourcing and selection standards.  If an ingredient does not pass our strict criteria at the final inspection level it is rejected.  Once each ingredient is approved the end result is perfection:  Each product we deliver is pure, safe, does no harm to people, animals or the planet and is 100% certified Toxic Free, Organic and wild crated.
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